Modern treasure hunt in Mühlbach – geocaching!

Who is in the mood for a treasure hunt? The Hochkönig region is a real Eldorado in summer for those who want to HIKING DIFFERENTLY want.

What is geocaching and who can play it? Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt or scavenger hunt with a GPS device. The coordinates to the hiding places are exchanged via the website or It is a global game that anyone can participate in. There are already more than 1.5 million (!) Geocaches worldwide.

Basic principle: People, hikers, families, children … hide lots of nice little things, for example notebooks, a pocket knife, etc. in so-called “caches”. The hiding place is then published in the form of coordinations on the Internet. Equipped with a GPS device, you can then go on an adventurous treasure hunt. When you have managed to find the treasure, a little something from the contents of the can is exchanged, the visit is logged and the can is hidden again in the same place – for the next …

Of course, when hiding the treasures in Mühlbach im Mountain village of animals also thought of the individual performance requirements of every single treasure hunter. There are, for example, easy tours for families with children, but also true adventure freaks and experienced geocachers get their money’s worth. More than 50 of these treasures are already hidden in Mühlbach (20 in Dienten). GPS devices can be borrowed free of charge from the tourist office in Mühlbach!

More information at:
Mühlbach Tourist Association
No. 154, 5505 Mühlbach am Hochkönig